Holly Thorman - Owner

Throughout my childhood we always walked our dogs and were encouraged to love and interact with all types of animals, although the encouragement did wane when I insisted on bringing home every stray or needy animal I came across. As previously mentioned, we are lucky to now have 6 full time members of staff who all bring something different to the PAP Team.

Vicki - Au Pair

Vicki has worked for us now for 12 years. She has a spaniel called Willow and regularly does agility with her dog.

Gail - Au Pair

Gail has trained as a veterinary assistant and worked on a dairy farm for 5 years. She also worked in a pet shop for 2 years and is a qualified groomer (You can no doubt guess she’s a huge animal lover)

Danika - Au Pair

Danika worked for Stray Aid alongside a leading vet and also worked as a kennel maid for a boutique dog hotel. She also has her level 3 in Canine Hydro Therapy.

Rachel - Au Pair

Rachel has worked with us for over 9 years. She is a qualified Dog Behaviourist.

Rochelle - Au Pair

Rochelle has also worked as a kennel maid. Her duties included walking the dogs, grooming and catering to their every need.

Lucy - Au Pair

Lucy she has worked with Pet-au-pair for two years. She previously worked for another dog walking brand before moving over to ourselves.