Pet Au Pair

We all know our pets bring love to our homes, families and melt our hearts. They aren’t just pets, they’re considered one of the family! At Pet Au Pair, we offer a caring, reliable service with over 20 years experience. My name is Holly Thorman, I setup Pet Au Pair 2000, since then we have seen steady growth and now employ 4 full time members of staff who are all canine first aid trained and fully insured to assist with all the requirements your pet may need whilst in our care.

Our Fantastic


Your Dog is collected from your home in one of our Pet Au Pair vans specially designed to transport dogs, they even have shower facilities to clean their mucky paws before their return.

Fun, play socialise & exercise

Pet Au Pair walks are the perfect opportunity for your dog to exercise, socialise, have fun and become better behaved.  All dogs are looked at as individuals, therefore all their needs are catered for.  The time they spend with us is so much more than just exercise, it’s their social event, a time of meeting new friends and playing fun games within a small safe friendly group.

Many owners see a rapid improvement in overall behaviour, they are happier as a result.

Being able to enjoy the time with your dog.

We have lots of experience with young, under socialised and mildly bad behaved dogs who've simply never learned how to be a dog.  We have seen many instances of naughty dog’s behaviour improving after they've spent time with older, wiser more sensible playmates.  They just need to understand the rules and are much happier and easier to live with as a result.

We train the dogs in a variety of environments including our very own training field which is dog-proofed and completely secure.



I have been using this service since my pup was a few months old. He’s now 4 and loves going out with Pet au Pair. The training the guys do with the dogs is superb and the photos and videos they post daily allow you to see how much fun your pouch is having when you’re stuck at work!! They are flexible with days walks are needed which is useful as my days off can change each week. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

Ruth Lund

I was a very nervous parent when Finlay started going out with his Pet Au Pair aunties but I have to say that nervousness quickly wore off. It was honestly the best thing I could have done for him, he has come on leaps & bounds. He loves socialising and playing with his Pet Au Pair friends and is always listening out, ready and waiting for the ‘school bus’. It’s so cute to hear them greet each other when he gets in too. The added bonus is getting to see photos/videos of what they’ve been up to. It really is fab to know Finlay is loved and cared for whilst he’s out having fun!

Nikki Macleod

They are fab, my dog is quite a nervous boy and needed to be a little more polite with other dogs. The training they do has improved his behaviour immensely, and they really work with you and give great advice if you have any issues. The love they have for all the dogs is so glaringly obvious. And Stanley totally loves his aunty Rachel! Since Stanley has been going out twice a week with them and I’ve seen an improvement in him it’s really given me more confidence with him too.I can’t sing their praises enough!

Keelie Garrard

Pet aupair have been a fantastic help to us . We have a big boxer who was so full of life we could not let him off his lead. I contacted Petaupair the week I was due to have a baby worrying about Gus’s behaviour as he was so hyper. I was also conscious I may not be able to walk him as much having a new born. Petaupair Dogwalking took Gus and from day one he loved it.

Andrea Louise Willey

My 5 year old border terrier, Oscar, has been going to Pet Au Pair school since he was a puppy. As a neurotic single dog parent – they are so kind and patient with me never mind Oscar. He hears the van before it turns the street corner and is up and dancing around with excitement. He loves Holly and the crew and his many pals. It is brilliant for him to socialise with so many different dogs. He is loved and cared for and Holly and her team are so kind and generous with advice for us owners.

Beverley Gray

We have (or should I say had) a totally hyper boxer who was as bossy as can be. Now thanks to her Auntie Holly she’s an absolute joy. She looks forward to going on the “fun bus” twice a week and cries for hours before Auntie Holly comes to collect her. These guys are totally dedicated to the dogs they look after, they go above and beyond service. Christmas presents, birthday parties, paddling pool fun…etc. I feel totally comfortable knowing my lil witch is being treat like a princess (even though she’s still a lil witch). Seeing her play with her friends is brilliant and she comes back utterly exhausted. Can’t recommend them highly enough or thank you

Nicola Shaverin